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Mission Statement

The mission of Bailey Elementary is to ensure high levels of success for all students that inspires life-learning by:
•Implementing research-based, student centered, rigorous, and relevant instruction that promotes engaging learning opportunities through collaboration.  
•Integrating innovative technology that encourages self-direction and individualized learning through research and collaboration and problem solving, resulting in active participation in the learning process. 
• Fostering a safe environment in a culturally diverse school community by developing positive relationships through character-building activities to prepare students for success in an unexplored world of opportunity.  


We at Bailey Elementary will work with parents and the community to ensure a safe environment that inspires life-long learning based on cooperation, positive interactions, structure, consistency and relationships by establishing:
Clear and concise academic and behavioral goals
Engaging classrooms that are structured to maximize learning
High expectations and positive feedback
Consistent modeling of expected behavior
Respect for our diverse community
Promotion of self-worth