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Campus History

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W.B. Bailey Elementary opened its doors in October of 1958 to 470 students and 19 teachers. Mack H. Van Sickle was selected as the new principal. Bailey Elementary was named in honor of William B. Bailey Sr. and his son, William B. Bailey, Jr. Both men were active in the community of Pasadena. The students of Bailey came from a wide area, part of the students came from Mae Smythe Elementary, some from South Shaver Elementary, and the rest from Golden Acres Elementary. The school was dedicated on March 15, 1959. As Bailey began to become overcrowded in 1962, new boundaries were set and a portion of the students moved into the new Fisher Elementary. During Bailey’s third year in 1961, enrollment continued to be over capacity and four additional rooms were added. Bailey began participating in the non-graded system for first and second-grade students in 1964. Overcrowding seemed to be a way of life, so again, construction was begun to relieve the problem. In 1967 a middle wing was built that included a new library, speech room, music room, clinic restrooms, and four additional classrooms. In 1975, a new gymnasium was completed. In 1976, the school had 27 faculty members and 662 students were enrolled.

Several years later, in 2015, a new playground was donated to the campus by iOffice and U.S. Alliance. In 2017, a SPARK Park opened at the campus. Pasadena ISD began its English and Spanish Dual Language Program in 2004 and Bailey Elementary is a proud participant. In 2020, the campus earned the highest reading record for the district through the Beanstack platform. The school currently serves around 650 students in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. 

List of Principals

  • Mack Van Sickle 1958-1976
  • Jeanette Bradley 1976-1994
  • Karyn Johnson 1994-present